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Webcomics I Enjoy

Brainchild by Suzanne Geary
>> Reality-bending conspiracy in Boston (with gay monsters) | in progress

Crossed Wires by Iris Jay
>> A bunch of queer VR hackers take on the world. | in progress

Awful Hospital by Bogleech
>> Ms. Green wakes up in a very bad hospital, let us help her. | in progress

leveL by Nate Swinehart
>> In the highly futuristic city of Level, Cael's life is a mess. | in progress

Vilous by Mick Ono
>> Planet Vilous is a hostile alien world. | in progress

Rigsby, WI by SE Chase
>>Year 200X, some teens are doing teen things. | in progress

Shadoweyes and Shadoweyes For Good by Sophie Campbell
>>Scout suddenly has the powers she yearned for, but what now? | in progress

Intergalactic Truckstop by Chaz
>>Just a fuzzy little GMO trying to make it in this weird universe. | complete

Drop-Out by Gray (dupe)
>>Girlfriends enter into a suicide pact, and go on a road trip. | complete

Fresh Meat by Gray (dupe)
>>Kim has to endure her first stay in inpatient psychiatric care. | complete

Nox Hill by Zee
>>Legend has it there are ghosts at Nox Hill... | no recent updates

Clementine Comix by Lauren Monger
>>A bunch of punks up to no good. | no recent updates

Achewood by Chris Onstad
>> Here comes a special boy. | no recent updates

Gender Terror a group project
>> various horror fiction works by queer creators | updates randomly

Norm and Sparklina by bedupolker
>> a normal guy rescues a sparkledog from the pound. | updates randomly

Podcasts I Listen To

Magnus Archives
== fiction, horror, serial, BODY HORROR, completed
The Pasithea Powder
==science fiction, medical conspiracy, serial, in progress
The Silt Verses
==fiction, horror, serial. Pick the God that eats you. In progress
Wake of Corrosion
==post-apoc fiction, horror, serial, in progress.
A Voice From Darkness
==fiction, supernatural horrors, faux radio, serial-ish, random updates
Ghosts in the Burbs
==fiction, ghost stories, serial-ish, Boston wine mom, random updates
Levar Burton Reads
== fiction, short stories
Knifepoint Horror
== fiction, horror, stand-alone, madness-as-horror, random updates.
== fiction, short, binge-able, horror, serial, completed
Apocalypse Songs
==fiction, short, binge-able, serial, completed
Wolf 359
== science fiction, humor, serial, completed
Wrong Station
==fiction, stand-alone, horror, in progress
== fiction, horror, short, stand-alone, in progress
We're Not Meant To Know
==fiction, horror, short, anthology, in progress
The Beacon Jar
==fiction, horror, short, anthology, complete
John from Back Home
==fiction, supernatural, mystery, serial, complete
Tiny Terrors
==micro fiction, horror, anthology, ongoing
My Favorite Murder
== true crime, two best friends talkin' who are quite funny
We're All Mad Here
== nonfiction, short, history of psychiatry as a field
This Podcast Will Kill You
==nonfiction, medical history, disease ecology and education
What Did You Do?!
==nonfiction, true crime, child psychology, social work
== urban legends & creepypasta from japan, translated to english.

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Sabrous - fantasy MU* and chat

Meemu.Org - fediverse social network w a cat motif
Donphan.Social - fediverse social network w a pokemon motif

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