About Inhuman
Inhuman is a story which takes place aproximately 1000 years in the future from our current day world. In that time, aliens have contacted Earth and space travel has become common for some species. Near-light speed travel has been mastered and hypermassive "Jump Gates" speed travel between distant interstellar worlds.

But, as with any clash of cultures, there are problems. A relatively new religion known as Rulerism has caused many worlds to suffer what is generally thought of as a loss of cultural identity, and while the Rulerists attempt benevolvence, accidents have happened. Mistakes have been made, in spite of all good intentions.

One such mistake is Grey, a human sent to an alien psychology ward far from his home on Earth. Those who resist the pull of Rulerism are looking for any way to assert themselves, and the kidnapping of such a unique specimin seems ideal.

But sometimes there's a reason for things to be locked away...

The Elevator Pitch: A schizophrenic GMO is kidnapped by fringe militants. When it's revealed he's part of a top-secret project, he goes on the run with a PTSD alcoholic alien while his kidnappers try to figure out what the project is all about.

The Trigger Warnings: Common triggers that you will find at least once in the comic include suicide, alcoholism, substance abuse, blood, death, gaslighting, animal corpses, hallucinations, depersonalization and self injury.

Inhuman has been online since 2003, and is drawn entirely with pens, markers, watercolours and paper. It's intended to be a story which explores what it actually means to call ourselves Human. It's meant for readers aged 16+.

all the characters here man

About the Artist/Author

Icarus (he/him) was born in 1982. He's travelled to many lands including Japan, Australia, California and somehow landed in Massachusetts. He (ironically) loves antidrug propaganda aimed at children. He also loves pokemon, most animals (except ocean sunfish) and halloween. If coffee did not exist he would probably die. He strongly identifies with the messed up protag of ffvii, Cloud Strife. His fursona is a spotted hyena & he built his own fursuit.

In 2019 he was diagnosed with stage 3a invasive ductal carcinoma, underwent chemotherapy (it sucked) and radiation, and is at the moment considered free of cancer. Yeehaw.

He was married in 2011 and lives with his spouse and their two cats (Ren & Luna) along with a manageire of smaller beasts. They are always broke, because Americans with serious health issues are always broke. His email can be found at the bottom of this page.

He loves attending conventions. If you would like to see him at a local convention, please try to get them to invite him as a guest!