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lotta disappointment in my country still. that it should take things reaching this fever pitch for action to be galvanized against the rising tide of white supremacy, and that EVEN SO people are still clutching their pearls over it.

hey here's a really important thing to internalize, especially about people who have shitty beliefs. "nice to me" and "good" are not the same thing. a white supremacist can be very nice to a white person. very polite. this does not make them good. it exploits the white desire for non-confrontation to burrow a little niche for bigotry where it will fester and push aside tolerance until your democratic voting aunt is palling around with neonazis because they 'just' believe some gibberish neonazi conspiracies online. they're so NICE otherwise! so yeah. fuck that. niceness is not a shield against criticism. niceness should not shield anyone from consequences.

and i am of a firm mind that anyone who supports the white supremacists in this country? needs some fucking consequences. socially ostracize them. deplatform them. youll hear people claim that this just radicalizes them more? that's a lie. they're already radicalized. they're seeking to radicalize YOU when you ALLOW them in your space. deplatforming works and telling someone they're not invited to your bbq because theyre a human shitstain sympathetic to white supremacists? is morally correct.

this post brought to you by: apprently the fash are trying to see if anyone on dreamwidth will give them a crumb of debate, and i've had some dingaling in my comments (screened) citing of all things youtube comments sections as proof that ?? i dont know. some pro trump bullshit that i have no interest in seeing.

on a side note: raise the minimum wage.
on another side note: police here are rotted with white supremacy. disband, defund and build something new. the "good cops" will rejoin if they truly want to make a difference and arent just cowards who want power.
on another note: if the feds really cant find these neonazi chucklefucks without bothering the left for 'help' then they're fucking morons, cuz these folk are about as full of subtlety and guile as a dead cow in the middle of the road.

wear your mask
and shun anyone who spends their weekends wearing matching bedsheets

your anti-fascist comic creator

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