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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
04/20/2014 04:52 PM
if you could breathe underwater where would you go (to do drugs)
my my my look at the time. is it 4/20 already? WELL YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.


with SNORKS.
before i even get into this let me say holy shit i don't even know anything about snorks. i mean, i watched snorks. it was definately something i did see on television. i watched it during my youth, but i can't claim to have paid attention. i think i paid even less attention than i paid to the smurfs. which is really all the snorks are, an aquatic smurf ripoff who didn't say snork every other word

so i don't know any of these characters. or villains. or towns or anything about it. but i DO know the title is a reference to the 1930s propaganda that should crown every collection, REEFER MADNESS. so without further ado...

REEFBERRY MADNESS AWAITS in 114 or so caps )

so...WAS this a propaganda?
well, it certainly has plenty of propaganda tropes. but at the same time, there was no real effort to deliver some sort of scare tactic moral (apart from 'unless one of your pals is sober you're all doomed to enslavement') and overall the effect of the 'silly powder' on the snorks was just ...well, it was pretty close to realistic? just mellow and goofy as fuck. so i don't think this strictly WAS a propaganda.

what i think it really was? was the writers giggling to eachother that they should do a reefer madness take-off. and really if you know reefer madness, you know why it's silly, and you're probably closer to being pro-legalization than pro-propaganda. but i also think there's only so much a writer's department could get away with without having to package it up with a little bit of a 'drugs are bad, stay sober' morality.

either way it's fun!
and i'll have the snorks theme song stuck in my head for like ten weeks now.


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