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hey yall
inhuman updated, so check that out lol

i meant to update yesterday, but after travel and dismantling my scooter to paint it and staying up for rp the day before... my energy level caught up to me and i fell asleep -hard- at like 6pm while reading.

i haven't got any real side project updates to share, apart from that i got a new pc. i can actually type in text boxes now without lag. incredible. it's hard to not feel super guilty about such a major purchase but yknow. i'll deal.

tomorrow i see my reg doc for a 6month followup from our last 6month followup... i'm grateful there's fewer doctor visits in my life now but there's still a lot. also some of my hair has decided not to grow back after chemo made it fall out. lololol cool. fml.

next week there may or may not be a page, as this week is really up in the air irl apart from the doctor. a lot of things i want to work on are utterly dependant on the weather, sadly. i'd really like to finish up fixing our front porch... at this point it's just a tidying job left but absolutely not gonna sit out there in the rain fighting with j-channels for the siding. same with moving rocks for garden walls. not gonna do that in the rain lol. and painting scooter panels too....cant do that in the rain, or it ruins the application.

well. gotta finish this coffee and get moving. later folks

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