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Right. So. Here is a very big announcement.

Beginning in Feb 2022 i will no longer be using Patreon to facilitate taking art commissions.

This has come after a great deal of consideration and watching how folks feel about the current crowdfunding platform scene. I feel that it would be more sensible to return to my old method of commission work, whereby I accept solicited submissions at my discretion and also can post batches of slots in certain styles.

Those who wish to cancel their pledges on patreon or edit them to smaller amounts should probably do so no later than januray 28th!! (my bday) This will ensure I have time enough to work out my budget for the next month based on whatever temporary dip this is gonna be in my cashflow.

I will still keep my patreon account as an active tipjar, and patrons will still have priority access to when commissions are opened. This is effectively the same as anyone who pledges to ko-fi gets at this point too. anyone who's pledged and paid for January on patreon is still getting their art, too, just. yaknow. stick with me while we go through some changes.

In the future I may try a new platform! There's one supposedly in the works that seems much more like an artist's union than a youtube monetization spinoff.

Until then, you can always email me with biz/commission questions at hi_cial@protonmail.com

and you are always welcome in my discord channel (tho its a bit quiet)

tl;dr- keep an eye out for 'commissions open!' style posts in the near future.

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