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hey all. didn't prepare a journal ahead of time so this will be a short one.

inhuman updated, and we're back with the telson 5 crew.

in other news i finally got around to finishing ffxiv's shadowbringers last week. days when it's too rainy to garden sort of lend to that. though i've also been outside moving iris, daffodil and lily bulbs around and trying to get phlox spread to different areas.

not a huge fan of one thing though, which is very clearly related directly to the cancer treatment. sometimes the muscles in the side of my chest where the tumor was will just spasm if i've been working them too hard. it's very painful. like a charlie horse cramp, but in the chest. and 'working them' can also include drawing. i've been managing to function around it but it's really just not great. radiation damage doesnt fuck around. there's also a small spot where i swear there must be nerve damage, for occassionally i'll get a shooting small sharp pain in it. it feels like being pierced by a needle. but there's no reason for it, and nothing really makes it stop.

i do have followup with radiation oncology late this month so i'll report it then... but before that, ren has a dental appointment on the same day we both get our covid shots. so. stressing a bit lately, but going to get through it. hope you will too, dear reader.


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