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Inhuman update!

it's been a stressful week here. alph (my spouse) tested positive for the plague. so far i'm asymptomatic, but he's very symptomatic. he keeps saying how he cant imagine how bad it'd be if he wasn't vaccinated... sooo theres that... x.x

but thursday's art stream was a lot of fun, and i got to draw some nice things for everyone so i'm looking forward to doing that again this week. i know it's not ideal for many that i stream during the day, but that's uh. when i have the time? so that's when it's going on.

i'm not hype with the state of things in this country. i'm in fact really quite angry. protesting is good and anyone who says otherwise is complicit in the downfall of humanity as a whole. our president is a useless sack of crap, which i (and all millenials) tried to warn the ('liberal') boomers about in 2020... no one wanted to hear it then. no one wanted to hear joe's track record on pro-cop bs, his racist shit, his homophobic shit. they just wanted to stop feeling emberassed in front of the rest of the world. well, congrats dipshits. i can only hope you don't avoid being forced to watch the collapse of everything, since you had the biggest hand in it.

that's getting dark. my bad. i'm kind of obviously tired. and given that what i really wanna do right now is finish sculpting a little creature to add to the shop, thats what im gonna do.

the only way out is forward. be strong yall. see you soon.

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