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hello march is here

and so is a new comic page, if you like.

so i'm actually writing this in feb, on a thursday. forgive me if any earth shaking news drops between now and then that i havent addressed here??

in addition to the comic update, i wanna share that i recently retooled the front page of demon-sushi.com after ten years (literally... last design was in 2011...) and i'm pretty pleased with it. check it out. maybe someday far, far in the future i'll have mouseover effects going on buuuuuuut for now it's functional.

i also finally finished recording my great grandfather's memoirs to audio and posted them. he immigrated to america from poland (though the borders shifted, so the town he left is now in the ukraine these days) around 1915 or so and his tales of both the old country and new jersey at the start of the century are kind of cool, in my opinion. i mean to do a little more with this site and add supplimental information like maps and content warnings for the chapters, but that's further down the road.

other news... i have a visit with my endocrinologist on the 3rd. this is followup cancer care, but what i'm really interested to see is what the status of my kidneys is. hopefully they remain at 80% or above functioning, but we'll see. downsides of mainlining hardcore poison.

i also did an interview with HEX podcast earlier in feb, and it's gone live now. mostly we talked about my experience with the ff7 house/cult thing, since its essentially deep internet lore at this point. but we also discussed other things in life, like my travels and my comic and my transition and cancer and elon musk's tomb. here's the interview transcript and here's the audio link.

i mean to gradually bring my old sites up to date this year as time permits (on sundays i hope to work on that stuff) but for now... hopefully this is enough content to distract you, dear follower, for just a bit. to make this pandemic just a little less all-encompassing.

hang in there. and remember you can always follow my patreon for early comic updates and art commissions over here.

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