inhuman update

i didnt get much (less than four hours) sleep last night because of my shit brain. so im not going to write much of anything here. i'm working on getting arcs 14, 15 and 16 ready for print because those are the ones that have high res enough files to make it a quick job. everything else needs to be completely rescanned (in two parts) colors retouched (because consumer scanners arent great) and then retexted. which is over 600 pages. so please no more 'suggestions' that i make an omnibus, it isn't going to happen overnight.

i appreciate the warm words people have sent towards the end of this story so far. its been nice. but please remember to keep them to appropriate channels. i don't (won't) check twitter, for example. when my brain is so on fire that i cant sleep more than a small handful of hours i really, really don't need to stick my head directly into the flaming dogshit dumpster fire that is -that- website.

seeing the doctor friday about new meds. hoping to god theyll work.

added a new plush and some new cards (ohhhh chinese language base set mewtwo you are mine nowwww) to the mewtwo museum. working on getting a version of The Warning ready to print.

*Edit - The Warning is now print ready and i just need to gather funds to do it. join the fundraiser and if you pledge over 5$, youll be automatically paid up as pre-ordering the zine. its already over halfway there!

really, really hoping i can sleep soon.

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