hi-res page scan
welp here we are at the end of the month wwoooo

Inhuman updated too yayyy

i have a headache (???) and guys are supposedly (!!) coming today to put a DOOR in so i can go OUT on my deck and USE IT. instead of climbing through the window like a feral raccoon.

also someone in town is rehoming their pandemic pet... i mean, more than one person is. but this particular one is a pet i've coveted since childhood when i had a vivid dream of rescueing them from a petshop fire. it is a hedgehog. her name is peanut, she's grumpy as fuck and she already bit a hole in my shirt. finally. something to satiate my deep seated need to cradle a cactus in my arms and have it writhe around.

also....... alph (my spouse) is! GETTING!!! A FURSUIT!! lmao im really hype for him. it's going to be by sarahcat fursuits, who we've met before at ANE and is just a delight. no sketches yet but ......s o o n

my physical health has been rocky lately (see aforementioned headache for no reason) but given the medication i'm on (tamoxifen) it's just. gonna be this way i guess. which sucks but what else can you do really? go med-noncompliant and maybe have a recurrance of cancer because you technically arent a survivor until you're clear for 5 years, i guess. :T

well.... im going to drag myself up the road to dunkin. see you all again with a new page in august.

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