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Inhuman update!

for those who support the comic on sites like kofi and patreon, you'll see the script has been changed up in a few places from the preview. as i warned i might do!! this works better for the character and what they're trying to convey, i think.

went to the gem & mineral show this weekend which is our yearly tradition at this point. it was huge, and barely anyone was masked, so i was glad i'd brought n95s. but i always enjoy snooping around, looking at whats there, snarking on the orgone vendors and seeing what's new compared to the prior year. this year those little wire tree sculptures with semiprecious stone 'leaves' were very popular with vendors. also a bunch of carved selenite that all appeared to be from the same source was being sold at almost every other table. whoever that selenite dealer was musta come out laughing maniaclly in the end! they mustve made out like a bandit lmfao

but, okay, now it's on to a more serious topic.

i'm doing a fundraiser right now to try to help my friend pay for his dad's funeral. the death was sudden, abrupt and traumatic because it was a suicide. therefore there were no plans or arrangements even close to underway for his death, and being the only living next of kin it's fallen entirely on my friend to handle.

if you could help with the goal, it's really a very modest amount as far as funerals go - and it'd make a really really big difference.

check out the gofundme here.

beyond that what is there to say? the heat wave finally broke and i'm grateful for it. my fatigue has yet to lift or break, but i'm still walking 3mi a day and working out in hopes it will someday. new ttrpg campaign is due to start where i'm about to play something completely alien to me... a bard. i always balk at spellcaster classes so this is going to be a new kind of fun way to fail. im up for it.

be kind to eachother. see you next week, all

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