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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
10/28/2014 09:30 PM
beats being all alone
Inhuman updated!
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holy beans. so, that was a not so great week. we had a hopper fire - basically like a housefire from our heating unit. that happened at 2am on thursday. no one was hurt and nothing was damaged except a now smoke-stained fireplace front, which we're thankful for, and it didn't necessitate calling the fire department. but still, you don't wanna get woken out of bed at 2am to fire alarms and the smell of smoke like .... ever.

following that depression resurfaced, which means probably i'll need a stronger dose of sertraline. that's not surprising, 50mg is pretty dang low for depression.

we're prettymuch ready for the trick-or-treaters though. got lots of candy, decorated the front, even put out a spooky dollar store skull welcoming mat. if it's one thing i love about halloween it's all the skulls. and bats. but mostly skulls. unfortunately i'm starting to think i might not be able to do a fancy pumpkin this year. my shoulder's flaring up, and carving a pumpkin isn't exactly light work for it.

ah well. see you all in november. remember to like the comic on patreon, and support me there if you can!

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