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this blog's gonna be a short one because though it may be 12.30 i just woke up. hey know what? cancer medications are terrible and i'm fatigued all the time in the heat ffsdf

been stressing here, just. in general. i think a lot of it is just the sense of finding who i am post-treatment. iunno it's just been really messing with my head lately and now that pandemmy is finally winding down in massachusetts i'm being urged to go places w family again, even the best intentioned of whomst have never been -great- for riding sidecar on a journey of self discovery.

but my results were good at last doc, the cats are all healthy even if ren's arthritis still bugs her on wet days, and some guys are out back building the framework of a deck overlooking the woods. so it's all good really. i'm just... as fatigue'll get you... tired

see you next time. please enjoy the page.

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